About us

I research and compile specialist websites to help enthusiasts and consumers find out  niche topics: I carry out all of the work to compile reviews and guides of the best products, write the reviews, and publish related articles to help you choose and use the products. On this site, we’re covering one of the best sports around: bowling!

After chatting to friends and listening to feedback in stores, on websites and at work, the world of bowling is ready for an independent site to help you find the best ball, bag, shoes and kit. With so many different types on the market, you’ll have done the same as us and fired up your browser to search for the best model for you.

We looked at the market and thought we’d write a website to help others! If you want to provide feedback or suggest new products to review, please get in touch.


Affiliate disclosure

If you click on product links I’ve added to this site, you’ll be redirected to Amazon.com – and if you buy from Amazon.com within a day then I’ll earn a small commission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and you pay exactly the same price whether you clicked on my link or go direct to Amazon: hopefully you won’t mind since it’s how I pay for the research work! However, if you want to avoid this, just copy the amazon link to a new browser. Officially, the wording is:

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