Ten Top Techniques of Pro Bowlers That You Can Use

The best in any sport can provide amateurs and other professionals alike with significant techniques that you can try in order to improve your game. This article provides you with some of the best advice from top pro bowlers in the sport of 10-pin bowling.

  1. Stay at the foul line and watch the pins fall after you complete your delivery and follow through. Learning how the pins interact from the type of ball you throw and how you throw it is very useful information because chances are you will see the same pin action over and over again.
  2. Don’t just concentrate on making strikes all of the time. Making spares is a big part of the game. You need to practice converting all kinds of spares into points. Making one spare per game will increase your average by 10 pins.
  3. Stretch and warm-up before you start bowling. Make it a point to stretch out all of your muscles (arms, legs, shoulders). Walk around the bowling alley complex a bit, or warm-up just before going to the alley. Being warmed-up, loose, and focused will help you with your performance.
  4. If you are struggling with your game, seek out an experienced coach or professional bowler – someone you can work with on a regular basis. Having a set of eyes observing your approach, delivery, and follow through – experienced eyes that know how to correct your bowling — can greatly improve your game as well as your confidence in becoming a better bowler.
  5. Those who want to become competitive amateur or even professional bowlers need to learn the various lane-oiling patterns. Most competitions will let bowlers know what patterns are being used in advance. The more you learn the patterns and the more you play on different patterns, the better your game will become.
  6. When your bowling is not going well; the pins are not falling; you are not converting your spares – do not be too hard on yourself. Learn from your experiences. Try to figure out what went wrong, but give yourself a few days before you analyze your performance. Having distance between the game and your analysis will help you gain perspective.
  7. Don’t rush your approach. Being in a hurry to release your ball will not make more pins fall. Concentrate. Take a measured approach. Focus. Then deliver and release the ball in one fluid motion.
  8. When you find something that works, be it a ball, pair of shoes, your delivery or release, stick with it. The old saying, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” does apply.
  9. When purchasing equipment, whether it be a new bowling ball or bowling shoes, visit the pro bowling shop in your community where the pro bowlers go. The individuals that work at the pro bowling shop are experienced and will be able to give you solid advice.
  10. Practice, practice, practice!!!!!! Practicing more than once a week for between 30 and 60 minutes per session is a good target to shoot for. Marathon sessions longer than an hour will just make your arm tired.